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Track rentals are available everyday starting Monday April 15th, 2024. Use the link to see what days are available for private rentals. If you're arriving prior to that Monday and are interested in reserving the track, please email for availability. 

We will also have open track sessions for anyone who wants to train on the track prior to the UCI World Cup. Open sessions are $25/rider.  Click here to Reserve the open session.

Monday April 15th: 4pm-6pm
Tuesday April 16th: 4pm-6pm
Wednesday April 17th: 4pm-6pm
Thursday April 18th: 4pm-6pm
Friday April 19th: 4pm-6pm

Saturday April 20th: 1:30pm-4pm
Sunday April 21st: 11am-2pm
Monday April 22nd: 3pm to 6pm
Tuesday April 23rd: 3pm-6pm
Wednesday April 24th: 3pm-6pm

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