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The Hardesty National BMX Stadium, which is a part of the USA BMX HQ & Hall of Fame Museum, opened in February 2022 and is the epicenter for the sport. Also home to the USA BMX Foundation, the location showcases an outdoor free-span arena with seating for 2,000 that hosts weekly racing events, coaching clinics, Stacyc World Finals, elite training camps as well as World Cup events. The Hardesty National BMX Stadium is the only Olympic-caliber covered training facility in the United States, boasting an Olympic-sized start ramp with a professional-grade track. Adjacent to the stadium is the national headquarters and BMX museum.

The BMX Racing track has 2 starting hills, a challenge 5m hill and the Championship 8m hill, which is situated on the outside of the track. The track is a regular 4 straight track, with the first corner turning to the right. Corner two is located to the right of the 5m start hill, with the last corner being sharp and moving riders into the last straight.

The first straight:

Length: 71.3m (8m)

Width: 9.1m (8m)


First corner:

Length: 51.3m

Width: 10.8m (widest point) 9.6m (narrowest point)


The second straight:

Length: 80.5m (Men) 79.5m (Women)


Second corner:

Length: 36.4m

Width: 8.4m (widest point) 6m (narrowest point)


The third straight :

Length: 86.5m


Third corner:

Length: 30.7m

Width: 6m (widest point) 5.8m (narrowest point)


The fourth straight:

Length: 60.9m

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